Hi, hello, and other various salutations!

For anyone expecting anything remotely interesting, this is your cue to get off of the bus.

Other than being a face in your e-crowd, I’m somewhat capricious and diffident, extremely neurotic, and never clever. An early graduate, 20 year-old stylist and journalist with a social media obsession. I want everyone in the world to be as happy as I am.

I drop things twice alot. Whenever someone compliments my clothing I have to look down to remember what I’m wearing. I’m in a serious relationship with my Blackberry. I get so much face wash in my eye every day I am likely to be blinding myself. I hate the little triangle that the windshield wipers don’t wash. I love flying.

Your best bet when talking to me is to assume that if it were not extremely unattractive, my tongue would be perpetually jammed into my cheek. Hint number two, and that’s all you get: I’m very rarely serious.

Based solely upon my daily interaction with people, I can tell you right now that natural selection is a myth.

I hate wearing pants and carrying small purses. I want to adopt; children, animals, everything. Oh, and it’s all about the little things. Always has been, always will be.


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